We are getting married!

After searching for each other for more than 5 years we are now happy to announce that we will celebrate our wedding together on

August 27th 2017


Our Story

Abrsh and Tsedi met in April 20 2013 in Addis Ababa, while abrsh was working in Wogagen bank Africa avenue branch and Tsedi was working in Boston day spa around bole…They had been seeing each other when they had lunch a couple of times until that special day came…one day Abrsh went to Fanta coffee to have lunch,where Tsedi was there with her friends.It was thanks to Tsedi’s friends that after an invite to join them to lunch, Abrsh finally got a hold of Tsedi’s phone number.He called her afterwards and they talked..

..they strated dating ..they saw each other every day.But after two weeks, the unexpected happened. Abrsh moved to Meki for the job offer he got. Their love, even though it was young, was so strong that Tsedi went there to visit him every chance she got and they spent wonderfull moments together.In june 2013, they declared they’ll get married on january 26th, 2014. And after weeks of planning their wedding to perfection, the united their hands in marriage in the presence of their families and all their loved ones.

Who are we?

The Groom

Abrham Teshome

The Bride

Tsedenya Asrat

Wedding Details

on April 30th 2017

Wedding Dinner & Party

Fana Park / 2:30pm – 3:30pm

Bole, Addis Ababa – Ethiopia